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Master Motor Map

Whole-body human reference model and tools for unifying representations of whole-body human motion

MMM Motion Converter

The MMM motion converter can be used to convert motions in the MMM Data Format on to different models (like model or robots).


After converting a c3d motion file to a corresponding mmm motion containing only a point cloud of motion capture marker position at specific time steps, the MMMMotionConverter can be used to transform this motion data to respective joint angles and root positions/orientations of the MMM Reference Model. Furthermore the MMMMotionConverter can also convert the resulting motion on the MMM reference model to various different robots using different converter configurations and robot models. DThe resulting motion is still in the MMM data format.

This process can be executed via command line or in the graphical user interface plugin of the MMMViewer.

Converter Config File

A configuation file is needed for every different convertation to specificy which motion capture markers from the c3d file or joints of the source model are mapped to which joints of the target model. These configuration files can also contain specific heights for the target model.

Example configuration files can be found in the folder data of the MMMTools project.


Various converter plugins were built and also still can be built implementing the new interface MotionConverter and MotionConverterFactory, but at the moment the NloptMotionConverter is the only converter in use. This converter minimizes the squared error of the mapped elements and is the best implementation so far, which can currently be used for all transformations. This converter features two different strategies: framewise and wholeMotion. Right now only the framewise strategy should be used, because it is faster, can be cancelled and is safe to work as it should.

Graphical user interface

The graphical user interface is coded as plugin and currently part of the MMMViewer.

The graphical user interface allows to choose your loaded motion, load a model and configuration file, set an optional model processor and choose or load different converter plugins before selecting the convert motion button. This convertation process can also be cancelled after starting.

Convert Motion Graphical User Interface
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