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Master Motor Map

Whole-body human reference model and tools for unifying representations of whole-body human motion


The MMMViewer is a graphical user interface to visualise and handle motions in the MMM Data Format.

For this purpose the MMMViewer is building on a General Plug-In-Architecture to easily extend the functionality without changing the underlying code.

Available basic functionality of the MMMViewer:

Motion Visualisation

The visualization of the motions' individual sensors is based on specific corresponding sensor visualisation plugins. These seperated visualisations can be toggled on and off.
As further advantage the visualisation of sensor measurements can be easily replaced by using a different implemented plugin.

Implementing a sensor visualisation plugin can be done by subclassing the header files MMMTools/MMMViewer/SensorVisualisation/SensorVisualisation.h and MMMTools/MMMViewer/SensorVisualisation/SensorVisualisationFactory.h similar to sensor plugins.
Current available examples can be found in the folder MMMTools/MMMViewer/SensorVisualisation/SensorVisualisationPlugin.

Motion Handler

Motion handler are various graphical user interface plugins to extend the functionality of the MMMViewer in various ways.
Currently four different types are beeing considered:

The main idea behind using these plugins is to improve a user-friendly design of the MMM framework by adding these user interface plugins to every project in MMMTools in addition to the available command line executables.

Creating a new Motion Handler

Implementing a new graphical user interface plugin for handling can be done by subclassing the header files MMMTools/MMMViewer/MotionHandler.h and MMMTools/MMMViewer/MotionHandlerFactory.h.
Current available examples can be found in various MMMTools projects in their respective folder MMMTools/*/MotionHandlerPlugin.
To maintain the current style in the MMM framework this extension should be done in a folder named MotionHandlerPlugin in the corresponding project's directory of MMMTools.

Furthermore these gui plugins could also be used outside of the MMMViewer by implementing the specific independent motion handler interface (MotionHandler and MotionHandlerFactory) in your own project.


The plugins for sensors, sensor visualisations, motion handler and specific plugins for motion handler can be loaded, activated and deactivated in the plugin ui window (Extra->Plugins) at runtime. Furthermore the information about loaded, activated/deactivated plugins is stored locally and reused for upcoming sessions. Changing the sensor plugins the motion needs to be reopened to apply changes to prevent an unintentional loss of work.

MMMViewer Graphical User Interface

The motion menu shows buttons for the execution of different motion handler plugins. The available MMMViewer functions (See top) should be self explanatory and do not need to be described in detail.

MMMViewer Graphical User Interface
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